Washington's 3rd District

Hi! My name is Michael Cortney (R) and I am running for Congress here in Washington's 3rd District

In Arthurian romance, we have the idea of the Wasteland, a land of inauthentic people in an inauthentic world. The approval rating of Congress never seems to get out of the mid-teens, and that’s because Congress has become a wasteland. We are supposed to be a government of the people; however, if you ask most Americans, they will tell you that they don’t believe they are and when you look at the makeup of the 115th Congress, they are right. Congress is mostly comprised of professional politicians, lawyers, and business people. Most of whom are good honest people who work hard to be where they are, but they hardly reflect the makeup of the American people. The average congressman spends as much time asking for money as they spend doing their job. Most members of Congress are dependent on their contributors, which means their contributors interest becomes their interests. I am a 62-year-old retired electrician, and I’m running for Congress because I believe the average working person is somewhere in the middle when it comes to politics, and I think our representative should reflect its community. I’m running as a compassionate conservative because I believe in a free market, and that government should pay its bills. I also believe our government should care about the sick, the poor and the elderly. I also consider myself a progressive because I believe we are a country that strives to be a more perfect union. I promise to be an authentic person in the hopes that even though we don’t see eye to eye on everything if I am elected Congress, you will believe me when I say I will represent the will of the people in my district, not me, not money, and not simply the party line.


About Me

  I was born and raised in a small town called Kimball, Nebraska. I was born into a family of Irish heritage; I had a Catholic background and with the traditional family values that could be found in any rural community in the United States. In 1974, two weeks out of high school, I joined the Navy where I would serve for four years. After leaving the Navy, I would move to Las Vegas, Nevada. I soon had a job digging ditches for an electrical company specializing in swimming pools. Over the next couple years, I learned the skills I needed to become an electrician. While I was living in Las Vegas, I started taking some classes at UNLV, and one of those classes was political science, and that is where I first got interested in politics. It was at this time I learned of Joseph Campbell while watching public television one night. He would become a big influence on how I saw my world and how I saw my religion. I’ve spent a great deal of time during the last 30 years studying the history of the world religions, its symbols, and the heroes adventure. People who know me as an electrician can confirm I would always be listening to my audiobooks while I worked. I can’t explain it I’ve just always had a passion for the subject. Towards the end of my time in Las Vegas, I met my wife Lisa with whom I would have a love affair for 28 years. She had family that lived here in Vancouver, Washington, and I was starting to hate working construction in the Vegas heat, so we packed our bags, and I’ve lived here ever since. I worked for Heil Electric in Portland for 22 years, until my retirement two years ago. My wife and I had plans to drive our RV into the sunset and to enjoy what it means to be free. Truly free. My wife passed away last year, and so I would like to take the life that I have now and serve the people of my district. I would like to give them their voice in Congress. Thank you for your time.

No to ALL donations

Changes in my life have opened an opportunity for me to be able to spend my time running for office. I have been very blessed in life. I made a good living doing something I enjoyed, but 38 years of construction is really hard on the body. I was fortunate to be able to take early retirement at 60. I was able to do this because I was blessed in belonging to a good union, (IBEW local #48, and #357) and I was fortunate in that my boss was a good man, and took pride in providing his employees with a good life. I was able to do this because the people that came before me were willing to fight and die for the future of their children. My party used to be a party that built things. We used to tax the wealthy to bring the people’s money back to them, and in the process creating a future for their children. I entered this race to fight for your children’s future, the same kind of future that the Greatest Generation provided to my generation. You do not do that by tearing everything they did apart. My campaign is a one-man band. I maintain my own websites, I use my own funds, and I make my own flyers. I will be refusing ALL donations. If I elected to Congress the only people I will owe are the voters. I would be constantly moving through my district asking people ”What would you tell your congressperson if they were here.” That would not end the day after the election. I believe if your gonna represent people you have to talk to them. In this day of communications, there is absolutely no reason why I can't know what my voters are thinking. People shouldn’t have to go find their representatives. Thank you for your time.

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