Climate Change

As a Republican, I am completely baffled at how my party treats science. Science is at the core of what made this country great. Had we not gone to the moon much of what we have, like the computer, would likely not exist. A lot of things we have today we have because those things had to be created in order for us to go to the moon. All the evidence we have points to the fact that global warming is real and man is a major contributor to it. There is absolutely no evidence to the contrary. We can take a robot, put it in a rocket, and send it to Mars, and let it run around for months. We spend millions, and we trust our scientists to do this. That’s because the laws of the universe are the same here as they are on Mars. The laws of the universe and 97% of any type of scientific analysis shows the globe is warming at an accelerated rate, and human beings are contributing to it. But for some reason bunch of people think they’re smarter than our scientists. My party likes to argue that we’ve always gone through global temperature changes, but this planet has never seen temperatures change at the rate they are changing now. When land starts to disappear there are going to be great migrations to cities unable to support populations increases in those areas. If we don’t start preparing for the inevitable our children will suffer.