How I see my role as Congressperson
It has always been kind of traditional for a campaign to have a campaign slogan and right now I have not been able to come up with one that I would put my name too. For me it’s more about my promise then it is any campaign slogan.
“I promise to be an authentic person in the hopes that even though we don’t see eye to eye on everything if I am elected Congress, you will believe me when I say I will represent the will of the people in my district, not me, not money, and not simply the party line.”
I remember a lecture Joseph Campbell once gave a speech about the traditions of Halloween; he talked about the masks that people wear. During the course of the day, we wear many masks. Sometimes we wear the mask of the parent and then maybe a few minutes later one of a friend. During the day most of us wear the mask of our profession but typically do not wear it at home. A congressperson is someone who the day they are elected becomes the representative of the people that elected them. It is a mask they will wear for the majority of the day. I have always believed it is the job of a congressperson to represent the majority of its citizens on the floor of the house, but that doesn’t mean just because the Republican candidate won that they should vote Republican on everything. Jamie Herrera Butler votes in line with the party and the opinions of Donald Trump over 80% of the time. She can only be considered a moderate in a party now dominated by right-wing ideologues. Her voting record reflects more about her donors and her party’s interest than then with those of her constituents. If I manage to win this election, it will be because of the time I spent dedicated to talking with and listening to those who are going to the polls and voting; and when people ask me why I voted the way I did, I can tell them what you told me