by my Hippie Ego

In 1977, I was serving on the USS Inchon, the ship was in dry dock for nine months, and that allowed me and a couple of friends to rent a house off-base.  I had the good fortune of meeting the guy who was living next door, we became friends, and he taught me about Kundalini yoga. It was not the hard-core yoga where you are passing cloth thru your nasal passages to clean your body - But he did teach me how to breathe, how to relax, and how to meditate. Even though it was Kundalini “lite,” it showed me what I needed to know to accomplish the goal of the meditation, which is to shut off your mind. Exercising and breathing are vital because it makes it easier to achieve this aim. Like all austerities in religion, it is no simple task; it requires a real faith in your instructor, and a commitment to stay with the undertaking until perfected. I wasn’t sure exactly what I was supposed to accomplish, he said when I achieve this “nirvana,” it would come with great rewards, and in this particular case, it did. The biggest thing accomplished was that it put me in control of my mind and it helped to give me a kind of willpower over my animal nature. Fear and desire; are the root of all evil in the world's mythologies, the desires to have something, and are fear of losing it. To live is our greatest desire, and our greatest fear is losing it, it dominates our field of right and wrong. In the East, they would add Dharma; doing something just because someone told you to do it. Fear, desire, and Dharma are distinct characters of evil. Evil is something that acts like a wild hungry animal. Evil is often patriated as the look in the eyes of the beast I as he stocks his prey. The virgin birth is a metaphor for a young person, who has died to his animal nature and has been reborn as a human being.

I was very fortunate with my yoga teacher, in that he liked to make things easy as possible. When we think of yoga, we always have this vision of a man sitting with his legs crossed, hands on his knees, and as someone who has set in this position, it was anything but comfortable. My yoga teacher told me that our meditations most often would put young padawan to sleep, and setting like this keeps them from going to sleep, but that the best way to meditate was to lay flat on one's back. The meditation begins by getting oxygen to every muscle in your body, and this starts with your breathing, breathing in one nostril, and exhaling out the other. Breathing in you fill up the lower part of the lung, and then the upper lung. Breathing out you empty the lower part and then the upper part of your lung, and every time you do this you slow down your breathing. When you get to a point where you have a nice long slow breath, you then start to contract and to release your muscles. The best way to explain how to do this is to take your arm and extended straight out and make a ball with your fist. If while breathing in you twist your wrist on your arm far to the right, for the right hand, or as far to the left with your left hand, you will find that as you breathe out, you will be able to twist just a little bit further. If you repeat this, you’d be surprised how far you could twist your arm. Now after doing these two times, Breath in and out one more time but when you exhale, you let the muscles, quickly, and completely relax. You would start with your toes, then moved your feet, to your calves, then your thighs, to your butt muscles, back, stomach, upper chest, upper arms, lower arms, and then the hands. You finish off with the shoulders, neck, cheek muscles, forehead muscles, and finally the top of the head muscles. Now if you did this right, you should have the sensation of feeling like you’re sinking through the floor. We are now ready to begin practicing shutting off the mind stuff.

If I say the word ice cream, or even think the word ice cream, many images automatically come to mind. Vanilla, chocolate, Dairy Queen, Häagen-Dazs, my uncle who sold ice cream, and who used to bring his 5-gallon barrels of ice cream. When shutting off the mind we want to use a word, that has no meaning, my instructor gave me the word “tat” which has no meaning, that I know. If it means something to you, you will just have to find another. Yamer? As you breathing in and out, you are just focusing on the word. Tat,tat,tat… In the beginning, you’ll find that it’s only a short matter of time before other things are entering your mind, but you will experience short periods when you find you have succeeded in focusing on that one word and that one word only. After a while, you will be able to do this for longer and longer periods of time. The final step in accomplishing this meditation is then letting go of the word. Once again, this meditation requires the time to perfect, but it is not difficult to perfect, it just requires practice. In this silence, you can hear the energy of your body; it is the same sound you hear when you stand next to a big transformer.( A transformer is an electrical device that transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction.) I believe the sound we hear is the sound of the earth’s magnetic field. If animals such as birds can sense the magnetic field, why can’t we? I believe that without the magnetic field we could not have a life. The Earth’s magnetic field is the heartbeat of the planet. I believe for a robot to gain consciousness it would first have to become living tissue. Rocks do not gain self-awareness. In the Tibetan meditation, they use the word AUM, which mimics the sound of our body, and by concentrating on the sound AUM, they are identifying on the energy of consciousness. Listen to this; and stand next to the transformer that feeds your home. AUM is the sound of the universe. It is the sound of Life. Your consciousness is separate from the body, and AUM is not consciousness, it is the vehicle that informs the body. It is a true sensation of oneness, and separateness all in one sensation. It took me about two years to truly perfect this meditation, but nowadays I can enter it without all the breathing, and twisting, and nowadays I use it even as a sleep aid. If you have problems sleeping, this meditation is much better than medication. The apex of this exercise is when you’re lying there, thoughtless; and you’re no longer pushed and pulled by external forces, You are no longer control by forces that control the rest of nature, and you begin to understand your unique human nature.

I remember reading once, that the invention of the computer chip, or Newton’s rules of gravity, or the invention of the wheel were of all the same worth, and they were of the same worth in that, they come out of thin air. They were never a part of human consciousness, then all the sudden they become imprinted upon one man, and then become part of the whole. I do not believe the brain stores information, but that the electrical impulses in the brain, simply open portals to consciousness. I see consciousness, and The Cloud to be similar in nature. All the knowledge in the universe is in one consciousness, and once we make that link to that point in consciousness, it makes it easier to return to that point in consciousness. I use the analogy surfing consciousness because when you’re at this point in the meditation, it is like floating on the river, you are no longer a drop of water, but the river. In the beginning, all you hear is the river, and things begin to seep into the mind. They appear on your consciousness, like a teacher writing on a chalkboard, and as she’s writing that makes a connection to something else. A Buddhist monk once described it, as a monkey swinging from branch to branch, and working his way up to the top of the tree. There is always an epiphany, sometimes small, sometimes big. They can be thoughts you’ve never had before, or they may be simple affirmations, of things you weren’t sure of, and they are aways true. I never find myself debating what consciousness has revealed to me. My image of myself and my universe are born out of these meditations. It is like a puzzle, and maybe in this meditation, I will find one piece, and in other meditations, finding one piece enables me to find a bunch of pieces, but the pieces always fit together. Human beings did not create anything necessarily new; they were simply new to human consciousness. I see the universe as being served by one consciousness, and I think we as human beings had recognized that long before we could write, and we lost it. I don’t remember who said it, but I always love the quote “that which was once in the dark is now in the light, and what was once in the light is now in the dark. If you learn how to do this meditation, the light will emerge, and a universe that you never imagine will open up to you. You will come to understand what Jesus meant when he said: “the Father and I are one.”