The future of our children

One of the main priorities of every adult is to prepare their communities and its children, for their future. My grandmothers and grandfathers lived through the Great Depression, and they would become known as the greatest generation. It was a generation that picked themselves up, and they turn the US into the greatest power in the world. People suffering was a common site for them during the depression, and at the end of the depression, people used their government to create a safety net for the elderly, the unemployed, and those living on the margins of life. They tax the rich, and they used the money to build the interstate system, the communications system, and the Internet. They use the money to do research into new technology which would be the foundation of my generation’s success. In 2008 we were hit pretty hard with a financial collapse, as bad as it was, it was nothing like the great depression. My generation has become like this spoiled brat who is given everything they needed in life; that all the success in their life was because of them. When I was growing up, I had the most recent and up-to-date textbooks. We had a world full of opportunities that came out of things like landing a man on the moon. We owe future generations the same opportunities that our forefathers gave us. Right now my party treats science like some voodoo religion, and yet science is at the core of what makes this country great. Right now my party refuses to put any serious effort into infrastructure because they’re too busy giving all the money to the top 1%, on top of that they’re going to leave our children with huge deficits. They refuse to cut any spending, and when they do, it is at the expense of the people who are not funding their campaigns. My generation seems to think that the next generation will just have to work as hard as we did, but we’re not giving them the same opportunities that we had. Part of being American for me has been an idea that we leave our children a better world than we had. Right now we are not doing that.