The Wasteland Principal

According to my mentor, Joseph Campbell, the Wasteland Principal comes into human consciousness in the Arthurian romances. It would first find its way into literature in Wolfram von Eschenbach’s “Parzival.” This story would go on to influence writers like James Joyce and T.S. Eliot. Parzival is the story of a fool who would go on to be King Arther’s greatest warrior knight and is one of only two of King Arthur’s knights who would drink from the Grail cup. The Grail cup symbolized, what was considered at the time, the three highest human qualities. They were loyalty in love, loyalty in marriage, and compassion. The stories of King Arthur and his knights would find their beginnings in the pagan stories of England as it faced threats from a Christianized Roman. England would eventually be fully Christianized, and as with most European countries their local stories are rewritten and Christianized.

In Parzival, the Wasteland Principal refers to a world of inauthentic people living in an inauthentic land. It refers to medieval Europe under the thumb of the Catholic Pope. Saying something wrong in these days could lead to someone being terribly burned. It would lead to a land of people who couldn’t say what they thought or what they believed. It would lead to a spiritually bankrupt Europe. In the story, Parzival heals the Fisher King, and he does this by doing what he wasn’t supposed to do as a Knight, and that was to ask questions. He heals the Fisher King by asking him what ails him. The idea here is that if you take an individual, and you raise him to be a self-responsible adult that what blossoms out of that natural grace, was better than a supernatural grace imposed upon them. In the story of Parzival, we see much of what would become the foundation of America. The ideas that a person should marry who they love, and not who their parents told them to. You find the ideas of personal liberty, in these stories and at the end of the story, the Grail cup calls for the king to rule in his people’s name, and not in his name. Many of our forefathers were Deist, and believe that God could be better experienced through natural grace.

Today Congress has become that wasteland of inauthentic people, and the number one contributing factor to that is money! When I talked to most Americans on the street, we are not that far apart in our politics. We are a divided nation because of the moneyed interests that profit from a divided population, and the control to push their special interest. Our politicians have become so dependent on money that they can’t help but serve those interests. Those on the right need their A’s on their scorecards from groups like the NRA, the Christian coalitions, and business associations to get their big funding. The left needs their A’s from anti-gun lobby’s, Planned Parenthood, and unions. The whole thing becomes like a big football game, and every day the right runs to their Fox news, the left runs to MSNBC, and CNN can’t figure out which side they’re on. They get their plays for the day and then go to the Internet where the newsfeeds support the one-sided view of their world. People, even family, who bring a different opinion are blocked from their view. All of this has led to a polarized country that can’t get anything done, and it is destroying the future of our children. Our politicians have become so inauthentic and are politics so divided that the only thing that seems to matter anymore is the symbol after the person’s name, and if you don’t get A’s on all the report cards, you are not welcome here, and again this leads to people saying things they may or may not believe. It leads to people putting their politics before truth, and because of that we are becoming an immoral nation. We are becoming a nation that is spiritually bankrupt. You see it in the leader of our country.
If you don’t want money in politics, then send people who don’t take money.
If you want authentic people in Congress, then send people who are not afraid to express their opinions.
If you want to be represented by people like you, then send ordinary people like you.
If you want to be represented than send a representative and not a leader.
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