Glory be to the Father,
and to the Son,
and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning,
is now, and ever shall be,
world without end. Amen

What is matter? Vishnu sleeps in the cosmic ocean, and the lotus of the universe grows from his navel. On the lotus sits Brahma, the creator. Brahma opens his eyes, and the world comes into being, governed by an Indra. Brahma closes his eyes, and the world goes out of being. A perfect metaphor for the image of a universe that explodes and then contracts over and over again. At the beginning of the last big bang, the universe had all the building blocks were in place. All matter was compacting in on itself so hard that at the very center of this mass within a single atom lie an atom particle, held together by the strong nuclear force, and that pressure split this force and created the bang that created the universe. The bang created an expanding universe of these building blocks, and in the very beginning of the explosion was the initial battle of good versus evil. The battle of matter versus antimatter, there would be great losses on both sides, but in the end, matter won. In that battle, the elements of the universe, IE  Stardust was born. You can bend matter, can rearrange matter, but you cannot destroy matter. The mass of the universe has always been and will always be the same. In the universe, there are many forces, which determine the effects of matter, but none them are as important than an invisible mass science refers to today as the dark matter. The best way I’ve found to explain this is to imagine the universe as a cup of water, and as we did in science class, we put salt in the water which will represent the matter in the universe. Black matter is like a string we tie to a pencil and let’s set the water, and over time the salt will collect to the string. The universe is like a collection strings are all tied together in the center, and the strings pull the matter to itself and are the foundation of each universe. I often wonder why people always think that God is necessarily all powerful, what if once he sets everything in motion, some aspects would no longer be under its control. In his book “The gifts of the Jews.” Thomas Cahill gives credit for the idea of “History,”  to the writers of the Old Testament. For the first time in man’s history, religion saw time as linear, before that time had always been circular. For primitive man, everything about time was circular, from the daily rising and lowering sun, from no moon to a full moon, the passing of the seasons, birth old age and death. For these people nothing was new, what was happening in the moment had happened before, and would happen again. A Brahma opening his eyes and closing his eyes. A universe that is coming into being and going out of being. The universe in which there was no beginning, and there is no end. For human beings, the thought of God most typically is that of a creator, and maybe God never created anything. If the creation of the universe never happened, and the material in the universe always existed, then the laws of the universe will have always been in place. Consciousness on this level would be far from omnipotent. If this is true then everything on the earth, even the earth itself are the products of mere chance. Old images of the Father Gods and the Mother Goddess would quickly disappear. Consciousness and matter would be more of a symbiosis of two distinctly separate things. What I often think about the universe is a shop full of bicycles for consciousness to ride, and when that bicycle breaks, Consciousness does not try to fix the bicycle, nor does it lament its loss, because it’s not the only bicycle Consciousness is riding. It is as if consciousness is riding every living thing in the universe. It may be that the only purpose the universe provides for consciousness, is the view. As I mentioned earlier, there a linear image of the universe, and in the beginning, there was nothingness, only darkness. Meaning there was no material in the universe, and a thought we now identify as God, brought everything into being, and all the material in the universe created within a split second, and by the end of that second, a universe is born. The inertia of the Big Bang has been pushing us further and further apart, and like the walls of the balloon at some point, either those walls will burst, or pushed so far apart that everything will simply freeze in empty space. What survives will be recorded history for nothing to see. God will be like the image of Shiva the creator of worlds, and the destroyer of worlds, but one would have to wonder when everything lie still frozen space or blown into oblivion, does consciousness dies there with it, and with the death of consciousness would everything simply disappear back into nothingness. I believe that consciousness has very little power forces at work in the universe. Tomorrow morning the world can wake and prayed that the earth would no longer have to endure winter, and in the end, we will have no more power over God than it does over the universe.

What is consciousness? The answer to that may be another invincible substance known as dark energy, and it may be that this dark energy is the energy that informs living matter. I’ve always agreed with a certain premise in Eastern philosophy that warns against defining what God is; they believe that even by naming God, you put boundaries on your ability to experience the divine. Their gods tend to be aspects of the divine, and most often are not worshiped the same manner, as those religions associated West. Their divinities are but simple meditations on aspects of the divine. It is not the intention of this book to define what God is, but rather a meditation on aspects of the divine. If dark energy indeed is one of the informing aspects of our universe, then it would have truly divine aspects. My study the world’s religions I try to focus, on those things that they have in common. And one of the things that you often hear religious leaders say when describing the experience the divine, as with the Buddha, it leaves one with a sense of knowing. So if some scientist turned out to be right and dark energy is what’s informing the universe, it’s not that hard to imagine an energy of an immense knowledge. Through my meditation, I often have a connection the universe, that leaves me with just that thought of knowing. God is always a reference to something that is beyond human thought. “Human Thought” is a human concept to explain something we do, we have to think about things, and then we use another human concept language, in which we describe our options, and that helps informs our decisions. Battles of good and evil are often metaphors for things that each of us struggles with from time to time when making decisions. Unfortunately for human beings, the decision-making process we go through is not always as simple as a right versus wrong, good versus evil. Many of the decisions we make have both wanted and unwanted results, but no matter how complicated the decision we are making, we are motivated by our needs, or we are motivated out love and compassion. All Human beings have a natural intuition for what the right decision is. We often make bad decisions, because we’ve convinced ourselves of something we want. Only later do we admit to ourselves we knew we were making the wrong decisions at the time. Whether dark energy is God itself, or a vessel through which God communicates, it would appear the divine does not use a language, it simply knows. It would seem to me in the all-knowing God, would not need language and would not have conversations with its self. From time to time all us have an experience where I know something is going to happen just before it happens, and it just comes out of nowhere sometimes. It is different than déjà vu; I think déjà vu happens because of Consciousness’s experience of life is at the moment, and it takes part of a second for the image the eye acquires to get to the brain, this causes a kind of like a hiccup. I have come across religious people who claim that if you are on the proper path, you will seem to experience déjà vu events more often. Participating in religious austerities heightens consciousness, and an awakened consciousness can overcome some of a person’s physical limitations, but not all. Consciousness cannot make me jump 30 feet high. Once a human being has made the full transformation to a fully awaken consciousness, the déjà Vu's will disappear because he now operates in the field consciousness. One of the greatest gifts an athlete can have is the ability to shut off the mind stuff, and to let consciousness and his physical abilities do what they already know how to do. Physical abilities will always play the prominent role, and no amount consciousness can fix that. “Knowing”  was already a part you're before you were born, and has always been a part of your being, the sperm had to be conscious enough to know how to swim. Does each sperm have a single consciousness, or does each sperm share the same consciousness? The egg has to have a certain level of consciousness for the walls to allow one sperm cell in, and both the egg and the sperm have to be conscious enough to create a single being. Do the two different consciousness combine to form a new conscious, or does the male or the female consciousness dominate, does it always dominate? Do two separate consciousness simply fall away, and a new consciousness is born out of this divine combination or is it always the same consciousness? For a human being to be built all the information either has to be stored within the egg, and the sperm, or as an outside force simply informing the development of the being. I have never been happy with the idea that things appear out of nothingness. If dark energy is what informs living matter, does the dark energy create life, or is life born out of the natural laws of the universe? I don’t think it’s that hard to imagine, that in the very beginnings of life on earth, somewhere were deep in the water, basking in the warmth of this planet’s life-force steaming up through the ground. Here in a place where light doesn’t even exist, may have been the perfect soup, with the perfect ingredients to create life. Maybe life was always there, the remanence of another solar system, a planet in the sweet spot, and after millions of years, the keys to life awaken from their slumber. It could be that very small strings of dark matter attract proteins into a helix known as RNA. At this level, something in nature takes over, at this level consciousness and matter come together in the simplest of enzymes, and life on this planet begins. RNA creates the foundation on which all life exists, and RNA begins to become structures of DNA and DNA becomes the recipes that structure life. DNA also provides the building blocks of every living creature, so DNA may not be any different than we are. A material being with a consciousness that comes from an energy that comes from outside itself. Energy is spontaneously creating itself over and over again. Life may be this symbiosis of dark energy and dark matter. The laws of the universe and laws life are at this moment be on our ability to understand completely, and because of this, it may be that we make the mistake of not seeing the smaller picture. A lot of power came out of the simple mathematical equation E=Mc2. The rules of the material universe could be as simple as E =Mc2, or maybe it can’t be seen it all because the laws governing the universe may be invisible. Consciousness may spring of nothing more than pure energy itself. It may not be possible to measure consciousness; it may have to be experienced. I think it could be possible that this energy longs for the experience that comes from all the experiences that are life. Consciousness may enjoy the pleasure of something as simple, like the warmth of the sun on the leaf of plant, and consciousness is allowed to see the beauty of the universe through the eyes of man. I think the primary law the universe is a cycle of death and rebirth, and that even in life consciousness is controlled by those laws. They like consciousness always existed, and every living thing in the universe the way it is, and not the way you want it to be. I think consciousness faces that same dilemma. Consciousness may not have any control over suffering than we do. And as frivolous as it would be for us to pray to God that winter should not come, and that may be the problem for people of faith who want to believe that it’s worth praying to God in their suffering, are often greatly disappointed. How many of us have felt that God was against us, and from time to time we are shaking our fist at God as if he had some control it. I believe that life intends randomness, but that randomness is still is in submission to consciousness, and consciousness may enjoy life in all its forms, and it may well suffer in all its forms, but it may be the price that consciousness is willing to pay for experience of being alive. It’s not hard to imagine that the recipe in DNA that created human beings, came from a solar system long removed from time. I don’t believe it’s hard to imagine that nowhere else in the universe exists man but here on this planet. That nowhere in the universe are there to identical living thing, consciousness may desire to experience life, in more ways than there are planets in the universe. Consciousness might just be looking for the perfect being able to change the rules of the universe thereby ending suffering. It could be that like man, and consciousness is on its own vision quest. The whole animal kingdom lives by survival of the fittest. It is through that process that mans brain became large enough that it was able to experience the next level of consciousness. At this level of consciousness the greatest gift and receives is capacity for love and compassion. It may be that man is nothing more than the product of the randomness that happens in DNA, or maybe it’s intentional. At some point man may very well achieve the next level able to think outside the box, or man never fully gains control of his animal nature and ultimately destroyed himself. If we destroy ourselves the planet will still be here, and life will still be here, and may be this planet will never see this level of consciousness again, but then again maybe consciousness learns from our mistake and the next being the inhabitants will have in its DNA the knowledge to not make that again. It could be that long after we destroyed ourselves, and this planet has exploded into oblivion, somewhere deep in the earth a cave like that of Lesko lies the remains of human DNA, and with a little bit of luck that DNA is up on a planet that can support life, maybe those humans will be smarter than us.